Tailoring Solutions Using Sophisticated Financial Tools

We are a specialized independent financial firm, focused on helping individuals build a solid financial foundation. Each of our clients has different backgrounds, financial knowledge, and objectives. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, discuss your concerns, and deliver a customized financial plan that reflects your specific needs. The following case studies highlight real-life examples of how we have helped individuals build a cohesive wealth management strategy. Working together, we will deliver professional, independent advice with your interests in mind.

The Challenge
A “forty-something” client and successful business owner was in the process of selling his business for a significant sum of capital. The buyout terms included an initial lump-sum payment and final payment in five years. With a portfolio in excess of several million dollars currently under management, we understood that there were significant tax, estate, and investment management issues that must be considered prior to the transaction.

Our Solution
We provided ongoing strategic and tactical planning during the negotiation process, including a discussion of various tax and estate planning issues. We analyzed the client’s needs and discussed with them the potential tax implications of selling a business. Through a carefully developed 6-month strategic plan, we provided solutions for the tax implications and invested the proceeds into a customized portfolio suited for the client’s long-term needs, while also addressing the estate tax implications he was facing. Gifting of low basis, highly appreciated stock to family members is an example of one of the strategies utilized.