NEADS Dog Charitable Event

Help Us Name Our NEADS Dog!

For our 2019 charitable efforts we are working with NEADS, World Class Service Dogs, ( formally known as National Education for Assistance Dog Services for Deaf and Disabled Americans. This non-profit organization located in Princeton, MA, has trained over 1,800 Service Dogs since 1976. We have learned that these world class dogs go through extensive training to deal with specific temperament, health and personality traits. NEADS then donates these amazing dogs to local individuals who are either veterans, those with disabilities, children with autism, or deaf individuals. Since most individuals who require a Service Dog cannot financially afford access to these high-quality trained puppies, we felt this was a great way to impact someone’s life around the holidays.

Perhaps more importantly is the additional rehabilitation the dogs provide during their specialized training. 90-95% of the NEADS puppies are trained in 7 correctional facilities throughout New England. The statistics show that under NEADS guidance, inmates provide consistent training at a very high level, simply due to the amount of time they can devote to the dogs. Trainers must meet certain training criteria and history and must commit to 12-18 months of training. NEADS dogs can have a powerful effect on inmate trainers, helping to transform their lives as they seek a second chance.

How can you help?

We are looking for your help naming our sponsored dog. Please provide a male and female name prior to Thanksgiving in the form below.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, we will announce the name of the dog and the Winner will be announced on our Facebook page. The winner will also be able to attend the puppy's graduation where the dog will be placed with the individual. If you elect to make a financial donation to this wonderful organization, please mail a check of any denomination to our attention payable to “NEADS”. We will forward your donations to their farm. 

On behalf of the Lightship Team, we want to thank you for your valued friendship and continued support, as we do our best to positively impact those in our community.

Help Us Name Our NEADS Dog!


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