NEADS Dog Charitable Event

The Winner Is...

Lightship’s 2019 charitable efforts focused on sponsoring a service dog trained by NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services for Deaf and Disabled Americans). As a part of sponsorship, NEADS asked us to provide a list of possible names so we turned to our community for help compiling the list. NEADS was able to whittle the large list down to the top 3 names, and Winston emerged as the winning name for our puppy!

Winston was born on 12/28/19 and he is at NEADS Laura J. Niles Early Learning Center (ELC).  While Winston is at the ELC, the puppy program staff will continue with his basic obedience training and socialization. Between lessons, Winston will have plenty of time to play with the other puppies, along with the numerous interactive toys at the ELC; both inside and outside in the fenced in play yards. Winston will receive lots of one-on-one attention from staff and volunteers. Below are photos of Winston when he entered ELC and Lightship is looking forward to meeting Winston in-person.

Thank you for all that helped support our efforts!

Winston 1