Leveraging the Knowledge of Seasoned Experts

We are a specialized independent financial firm, focused on helping individuals build a solid financial foundation. Each of our clients has different backgrounds, financial knowledge, and objectives. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, discuss your concerns, and deliver a customized financial plan that reflects your specific needs. The following case studies highlight real-life examples of how we have helped individuals build a cohesive wealth management strategy. Working together, we will deliver professional, independent advice with your interests in mind.

The Challenge
A long-time client, the CFO of a company that recently went public, engaged our services to seek advice on several levels: a strategy for how to exercise the client’s stock options, the relevant tax issues, and the impact this windfall would have in restructuring their portfolio under our management.

Our Solution
After reviewing the client’s options agreement, we recommended we draw on the expertise of the client’s CPA to explore the tax implications in greater detail. Armed with this information, we could determine how to invest the new capital. As a firm, we work to make complex issues simple for our clients. We devised a strategy that helped the couple purchase a second home for their retirement. We then invested the remaining proceeds while employing an investment strategy to achieve the client’s specific future retirement income needs.