Going Above and Beyond: A Commitment to Proactive, Personalized Advice

We are a specialized independent financial firm, focused on helping individuals build a solid financial foundation. Each of our clients has different backgrounds, financial knowledge, and objectives. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, discuss your concerns, and deliver a customized financial plan that reflects your specific needs. The following case studies highlight real-life examples of how we have helped individuals build a cohesive wealth management strategy. Working together, we will deliver professional, independent advice with your interests in mind.
“Going above and beyond: a commitment to proactive, personalized advice.”

The Challenge
We were referred to a couple who had a multi-million dollar individual municipal bond portfolio. They were concerned about the safety of those bonds because of the municipal bond market selloff at the end of 2010. Their current financial advisor had not provided them any insights about this and was generally uncommunicative during the bond market crisis.

Our Solution
We offered objective research for each of the bonds for potential default concerns, and conducted a “stress test” to see how future interest rate increases might impact their value. With the assistance of our broker-dealer’s bond research team of experts, we presented them with an analysis that confirmed their doubts and fears about some of the holdings. Because of our objective research and analysis, this prospect became a client. Their previous advisor was “reactive” and only called them when a bond matured, to discuss finding a replacement bond. They had never before received this type of “proactive” service and personal attention, and looked forward to receiving more of it in the future.